But darling, you’ll fly

There’s a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough.

The girl on the left is a freaking warrior.
If she only knew her strength and worth when this picture was taken.

It’s hard to believe in yourself when you’re constantly in a state of fear, neglect and abuse.

In that picture, my 3rd baby was barely 6 months, we had taken on a huge move leaving me in isolation, with crippling postpartum depression and anxiety.

Dispite my emotional + marital state, I continued to post and live as if things weren’t as terrible as they actually were.
Not to lie or trick anyone. But online is where I made my money and the show had to go on. With a addict (now ex) husband taking everything from me, I needed my online livelihood to survive.

I was beyond overworked, grossly under appreciated, emotionally + financially abused. Lied to and stolen from daily. We didn’t have our needs met, in fact we had our basic needs stripped from us regularly. Yet I stayed.

I always stayed. 😫
I stayed because I could not fathom better. I had been trained to believe it will be worse. I didn’t have the financial means to leave. My children were used as pawns while I was gaslighted into feeling as if I lost my damn mind. There were threats. So many threats. The isolation.

At the end of the day I was so emotionally and physically exhausted the mere thought of anything seemed impossible.

And before I knew it my life was beyond anything I could tell anyone about causing me to feel more shame, more pain and have no idea what to do.

It took the day that would leave me with a broken face and broken family to say enough is enough. It was the rock bottom I never knew I needed. It was the “scar” I could no longer hide. It forced me to face what was always there, speak our truth and gave us our freedom.

You are worthy of LOVE and SAFETY. You are enough. And if you think you’ll fall; I’m here to tell you….. darling, YOU’LL FLY! 🧚‍♀️🖤


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On this day….

3 years ago on this day I posted this as I sat alone in a giant empty house with finger print bruises around my chin & neck and more bruises alll over my body. I was emotionally broken and physically so hurt.

On this day 3 years ago I posted this in a daze to keep “up appearances” and forge forward.

On this day alone to myself I decided I wouldn’t continue a future with someone who could treat me this way. I had emotionally checked out a LONG time ago…. but enough was a enough.

It might have taken 2 more weeks and a split face later to actually get out but we made it.

We have been low and even lower. it’s been hard and then it got harder. But mainly we are better oh so better. 🖤

We are brighter and happier. I see it in the boys eyes, in our bedtime routines, or mornings before school, I see them thriving and living and loving!

But mostly I feel it, I’m able to feel and love my children they way I was made to, Instead of feeling darkness, broken and lonely.

The boys still don’t really grasp all that’s transpired. They saw enough and so we deal with it as we can, at each of their age level.

All I can do is pray that one day they will understand all I’ve been through to make sure they have the life they need and the role models they deserve.

I always tell you how important and amazing it is to support small businesses especially when you don’t realize what those sales and funds can bring to those people.

These 200 sales gave me the confidence to know I can survive and take care of my boys.
It allowed me to know we will be ok. It gave me the push and drive to pack us up and start over and demand better.

&&& as hard as the road has been.
God is SO GOOD!

The additional ✨1600✨ orders in 2017 proved daily my dreams and business to help me and the boys survive were coming true.

I never can thank all who support us enough. You really are the backbone that allowed us our new life!! You are our guardian angels! 🌈🖤✨💦

Feelings Protocol

💕The Feeling Kit Protocol💜

Valor: soles of feet

I am ready to transform my life.

Harmony: energy centers

I am open to give and receive love.

Forgiveness: around navel

I forgive myself and others for past mistakes.

Release: over liver

I release all negative energy from my body.

Present Time: wrist + around ears

I let go of my past.

Inner Child: under nose

My authentic self is enough.

Valor: soles of feet

I am ready to transform my life.

It’s NOT Luck

3 years ago I woke up so excited and listed this super cute It’s Not Luck, It’s Oils Tee in my very new but booming Etsy shop. I sold about 10 or so with promises of delivering in plenty of time for St Patrick’s Day.⁣

I had no idea what was about to happen to me that evening once my children were in bed. Instead of being excited and relaxing after a big day of sales, I was beat up horrifically in my kitchen leaving my neck completely bruised and my soul shattered.⁣

Back then, big sale days were NOT a cause of celebration in my world as it was a race against the clock before my addict (now ex)husband would find his way to the money.

As most business owners understand sales doesn’t equal all profits. You have to order the shirts and vinyl supplies, make the tees and get shipping paid all before you get a dollar. Still knowing this, he would steal it. ⁣

Punk move. Fuck that guy is right.⁣

And I’m sure you’re wondering why or how he could get the money; I’ll explain.

We had ONE checking account that was joint, my Etsy funds would be deposited and he would find his way to the atm or bank and take it. I couldn’t just stop him from using what the bank saw as his account, therefore his money. I hadn’t opened a business account of my own yet as this venture was all fairly new and getting things started for a biz cost money and when someone is hemorrhaging you dry to feed their addiction there is never any left. I had to do the things my family needed before I could do what I needed to do to protect myself and my business.⁣

So frustrating.⁣
So embarrassing. ⁣
So unfair.⁣

What a time. I remember it some days like yesterday…yet some days it feels like a lifetime ago. ⁣

That night he showed me who I was really dealing with. A monster with absolutely no regard for me, my safety or my security. ⁣
That night even with the “last time” to come this was the end.

I got the shirts out btw, if you’re wondering. I harbored the monster for almost 2 more weeks while I made my plan to leave…..I was almost killed on March 12th, 2017 and everyone had their St Patrick’s Tees in time and were none the wiser. ☘️ #notluckitsoils⁣

By May 12 we were launching CoCo Gone Green from Etsy to the World Wide Web thanks to the late great my bff, Bo and our pal Ryan. ⁣

So yes, we have had hiccups, we have had delays and I haven’t made everyone happy. ⁣

But damn. When I see this shirt. I realize what we have accomplished, I have made it!⁣

We frankin’ made it. #fuckthatguy

Before the first time.

On February 26, 2017 my once husband tossed me around our kitchen like a rag doll and beat me horrifically for almost an hour while our boys slept upstairs. The first time.⁣

Almost 2 weeks to the day he nearly killed me in front of them as he bashed my face in with his and split my forehead open. The last time. ⁣

I call it the first and the last time because physically it was just that. ⁣

But make no mistake.⁣

The names.⁣
The insults. ⁣
The degrading. ⁣
The threats ⁣
The isolation.⁣
The accusations.⁣
The broken walls + items. ⁣
The forced sexual contact.⁣
The financial chaos. ⁣
The stealing. ⁣
The lies. ⁣
The gun. ⁣

All abuse. ⁣
All of it. ⁣

As we get closer to the “fuck that guy- aversary” I feel drawn to talk + write more or our story. It’s part of my therapy and healing and I pray and hope that someone somewhere needs to see what I have to say.⁣

I wrote about the first time last here: https://coreychristine.com/2019/01/29/the-first-time/⁣

I have the last time coming likely to a podcast… talking is easier for me and to recount those times it’s a really hard day to write down and have to edit and proofread it over and over. ⁣

Leave. ⁣
Go. ⁣
Before the first time. ⁣
Don’t let it get physical.⁣
You know when your worth; your life; your happiness is being violated. That’s abuse. ⁣
You are worth more. You deserve more ++ only you can walk out that door. ⁣

That last time could have been the last time I ⁣saw my babies, took my final breaths and became another statistic to domestic violence. 🖤✨

I’m the boss of me.

I thought I knew what my life was going to look like. ⁣
I thought I knew how I was going to feel.⁣

I thought I knew my needs, my dreams…. I thought I knew me.⁣

I thought I could fix anything and I sure as hell didn’t fail.⁣

I knew nothing.⁣

Until I believed we could have a different story.⁣

Until I understood I could rewrite our ending.⁣

Until I believe that I was deserving of more.⁣

When I changed the narrative in my head that leaving is NOT failing.⁣

When I spoke life into myself allowing me to trust true love and allow us to have peace + happiness.⁣

I began to trust again.⁣
I began to heal.⁣

I fell in love with myself and our life.⁣

I took the horrific tragedy that was once our dark life was and turned it into what fairytales are made of. 🌱✨🖤💕👑 #imthebossofme #rewriteyourstory

When the transformation begins.

When you are free from the denial, the excuses, the “I will begin tomorrows”.⁣

When you are free from the pretending you’re ok and the hiding the pain, when you’re strong enough to face life without a crutch that’s actually harming you.⁣

When you say frank that and do better every damn day.⁣

That’s when the transformation begins. ⁣