But darling, you’ll fly

There’s a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough.

The girl on the left is a freaking warrior.
If she only knew her strength and worth when this picture was taken.

It’s hard to believe in yourself when you’re constantly in a state of fear, neglect and abuse.

In that picture, my 3rd baby was barely 6 months, we had taken on a huge move leaving me in isolation, with crippling postpartum depression and anxiety.

Dispite my emotional + marital state, I continued to post and live as if things weren’t as terrible as they actually were.
Not to lie or trick anyone. But online is where I made my money and the show had to go on. With a addict (now ex) husband taking everything from me, I needed my online livelihood to survive.

I was beyond overworked, grossly under appreciated, emotionally + financially abused. Lied to and stolen from daily. We didn’t have our needs met, in fact we had our basic needs stripped from us regularly. Yet I stayed.

I always stayed. 😫
I stayed because I could not fathom better. I had been trained to believe it will be worse. I didn’t have the financial means to leave. My children were used as pawns while I was gaslighted into feeling as if I lost my damn mind. There were threats. So many threats. The isolation.

At the end of the day I was so emotionally and physically exhausted the mere thought of anything seemed impossible.

And before I knew it my life was beyond anything I could tell anyone about causing me to feel more shame, more pain and have no idea what to do.

It took the day that would leave me with a broken face and broken family to say enough is enough. It was the rock bottom I never knew I needed. It was the “scar” I could no longer hide. It forced me to face what was always there, speak our truth and gave us our freedom.

You are worthy of LOVE and SAFETY. You are enough. And if you think you’ll fall; I’m here to tell you….. darling, YOU’LL FLY! 🧚‍♀️🖤


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