700 Days

7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ SEVEN HUNDRED DAYS. I used to not make it 7.Real talk. Not drinking through 2020 is a gift I gave myself 700 days ago. I had no idea the strength and the healing work that I would gain over these last 23 months but I couldn’t be more thankful. #idliketothankme#700days#teetotaler

Premium Starter Kit

Why a PREMIUM Starter Kit from Young Living? Well friend, let me tell you what you get!!!! 😁 12 (5ML) bottles of the most amazing plant juice in the ENTIRE WORLD. 🌈💧 ✨your choice of diffuser to puff 🦄 plant magic all over your home. ✨Me. Your Oily Guru. 💁🏻‍♀️ ✨Tools + Resources from me!!!Continue reading “Premium Starter Kit”

Feelings Protocol

💕The Feeling Kit Protocol💜 Valor: soles of feet I am ready to transform my life. Harmony: energy centers I am open to give and receive love. Forgiveness: around navel I forgive myself and others for past mistakes. Release: over liver I release all negative energy from my body. Present Time: wrist + around ears IContinue reading “Feelings Protocol”

When the transformation begins.

When you are free from the denial, the excuses, the “I will begin tomorrows”.⁣⁣When you are free from the pretending you’re ok and the hiding the pain, when you’re strong enough to face life without a crutch that’s actually harming you.⁣⁣When you say frank that and do better every damn day.⁣⁣That’s when the transformation begins.Continue reading “When the transformation begins.”