Premium Starter Kit

Why a PREMIUM Starter Kit from Young Living?

Well friend, let me tell you what you get!!!! 😁

12 (5ML) bottles of the most amazing plant juice in the ENTIRE WORLD. 🌈💧

✨your choice of diffuser to puff 🦄 plant magic all over your home.

✨Me. Your Oily Guru. 💁🏻‍♀️

✨Tools + Resources from me!!! 📚

✨Access to all the things in our Toxic Free Tribe VIP Community. 😎

SIS. Let’s do this. 😎😎😎

When you choose a PREMIUM STARTER KIT (PSK) will also get and be able to choose a diffuser from the following options:

  • DEWDROP: No extra charge for this diffuser when selected in your PSK ($165)
  • DESERT MIST: No extra charge for this diffuser when selected in your PSK ($165)
  • RAINSTONE: $45 extra charge for this diffuser when selected in your PSK ($205) This diffuser retails for $223.00!!!!
  • ARIA: $100 extra charge for this diffuser when selected in your PSK ($260) This diffuser retails for $296.05 and it’s exclusive to Young Living!!! It’s crazy beautiful and so worth grabbing.

💜Lavender – burns, calming, sleep + sniffles 

💛Lemon – detox + cleaning 

💚Peppermint – headaches, better breathing – breath and respiratory  😏

❤️Thieves – ✋ stop all the germs 😷

❤️Frankincense – baby Jesus duh. (See also mood and immunity… he’s your new BFF. Get used to it) 

❤️Digize-all things belly. Like seriously. If you eat. You need this oil. 

🧡Citrus Fresh – freshen up the stinky stuff, add it to your laundry or diffuse to lift yo mood. 🤪🙌🏼

💚Stress Away – exactly that. whooosa. I like to call this beach in a bottle 🏝 

💙Panaway- all things aches + pain

❤️Raven- Respiratory support + breathing help. 🤧 

💚Peace & Calming – calming the littles, the babies and YOU! All the mamas said _’en.


💜Valor – legit my all time FAVORITE! You know you’ve heard me. Valor is LIFE. 

Not sure if you counted but that’s 12 oils. That do ALL THE THINGS. These are the most versatile oils, I hardly strached the surface on what each can do. So you best believe I’ll teach you more. 👏🏻👏🏻

𝙇𝙚𝙩’𝙨 𝙩𝙖𝙡𝙠 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙀𝙓𝙏𝙍𝘼𝘼𝘼𝘼𝘼𝘼𝙎!!

Your PSK will come with a Thieves Spray, a Thieves Hand Sanitizer, 2 samples of our AMAZING NingXia Red AND 2 roller fitments you can put on the tops of your oils to support topical application.

Ningxia Red is a super antioxidant drink. We LOVE. + we drink EVERYDAY!

A Thieves Hand Sanitizer + Thieves Surface Spray!

I’ll hook you up with tools and the CoCo to get you going. 

Let’s get you started!! I want these oils in your hands STAT.

We’ve got three options when starting.

a GOOD, BETTER and BEST situation if you will.

GOOD: Becoming a retail customer and paying retail pricing for all of your products.

BETTER: Grabbing a Starter Kit and becoming a wholesale member and getting 24% off of all your products.

BEST: Grabbing a Starter Kit, becoming a wholesale member and making your Starter Kit (PSK) your FIRST ER Order to get a FREE Valor* + Lavender Lotion* AND 10 (like $10 credit) points back into your Young Living account!!!

Joining is easy!!!

Step 1: Pick your starter kit.

Step 2: Essential Rewards Program

This is Young Living’s answer to easy!

If you join, every month you customize what products are delivered right to your door. You choose the day and what they should send! Switch over your bath products, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry soap, vitamins, protein power, etc. and let YL deliver it to you! Each month you will earn points back. The minimum is an order of 50pv (point value which is roughly 1pv = $1). If you arebuy the stuff I listed than you’re going to hit that no problem while saving money and earning credit for product back!

Months 1-3 = 10%

Months 4 – 24 = 20%

Months 25 and on = 25%

1 point = roughly $1….Do the math! It adds up fast on things you will buy any way. B every month Young Living throws even more FREE as you spend more!!!!

It’s a NO BRAINER!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Remember that you customize what you want each month! You choose the date each month! You can cancel at anytime with no fees!

You can use your premium starter kit today as your first month’s ER and start getting points back NOW plus your FREE Valor* + Lavender Lotion*.


Let’s get you signed up already!!!!!!


*March 2020 Promotion ONLY.


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