Welcome Back Ms. CoCo

7 months ago a friend of mine posted that her daughters preschool needed some part time help and since we had just booked our amazing venue I thought it could be a perfect fit to get a little extra money to put towards wedding costs.

What was just supposed to be me getting some wedding cash and out of the house 3 days a week for 5 hours turned out to be one of the best decisions ever.

I did not realize how much I missed being Ms CoCo, getting to be a part of the growing and nurturing of the wee ones! Early childcare is a passion of mine and one that fills my soul in a way I can’t really explain.

Today was my official last day for the summer – I’ll be there next week a couple days to get the classroom prepared for camp.

I was offered the lead position next year in the class I’m in now and I’ve accepted! Even though it’s 5 days, it’s not many more hours a week than I’m working now 🙌🏼

Besides being here for a couple weeks in July with camp, I’m officially off for the summer…. PAID!

I’ll be back in a few months when the school year is back in session with a new crew of 2 year olds to learn bear hunt + how to say CoCo! 😉

Feeling super appreciated, needed and loved here! Simply the work of God to land here how I did and be such a perfect fit for them and me. 🌈🖤🥰


900 Days

Never would I ever think that I would live my life completely content without alcohol. but here I freaking am living my best life at NINE HUNDO hangover free, present for my kids, less snippy, more peppy, best sleep ever, happier, healthier and wealthier (in so many ways) days!!!! 🎉🎂🎈

2020 was so much better without booze and my kids won’t have the memory of this time at all with me with a wine glass in my hand to “deal with them”.

I don’t count my days like I did at the start but I like to keep an eye on big ones so you betcha I’ll be screaming from this page in just a few short months when I hit 1000. 🤗😍🖤

the other side

I was almost murdered by the hands of my once husband on the other side of this door.

When I type that it almost doesn’t seem real. But the flashbacks and memories are still as real as it was that day….. I can picture the blood splattered on the wall and I can hear the screams of my children as they call for me.

I was sure that on the other side of this door was the life we deserved. That it was finally going to be better, happier, safer. For months prior I spent hiding in my closet on my knees praying for answers, for better, for anything to save us. I had downloaded books like “why does he do that” and found many resources online confirming the life I was living was not normal yet….I stayed.

We lost everything we ever knew when we passed through that doorway but it was the catalyst to get us everything I ever could have even dreamed of.

I share because I know someone needs me to. If it were not for other stories shared and other pages and resources that I found in the darkness I am not positive I would have found my way to the light.

Knowing it was possible for others made it seem reachable for me. I knew the life I so desperately wanted to be on the other side of this door was the life we could have…I just needed a little glimpse into how. So I share. Share for the one still in the closet, still on her knees pleading for better, happy, safety. So she knows there is so much on the other side. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

not small to us

Where would I be without my small business?!

No seriously. #truestory

My small business saved my life.
My small business saved our family.

Having income that didn’t change when we had to pick up and leave is pricessless. Having an income not stop when I had a broken face and family is irreplaceable. Having an income support my family when I had nothing left, changes you FOREVER.

My small business supports my families health and wellness allowing us to feel better, sleep better and be better humans plus pays our bills! 🤩

My small business is small but it’s worth and need in our life is HUGE.

Happy Small Business Saturday!
If you have ever supported us in anyway this didnt happen without the support of you!

You keep my small businesses in buinesss and we are beyond so thankful for you!!!

I’m hooking you up EXTRA if you join our oily tribe today to say thank you with a FREE Christmas spirit.

Over the years I’ve frolicked in fresh lavender, planted clary sage, toured the distillery and fell in love with Utah. You can not do that with grocery store oils. You will not support a family by grabbing a diffuser from Amazon. Support local, get out of your head about “direct sales” or MLMs 🙄 It’s 2020 and we all work from our phones. Support the smalls, not the bigs.

Xoxo -CoCo

growing into my new purpose

All 3 of my boys have been in school for about 2 months and I’ll be straight up, I have not been doing well. I talked a big game of wanting them all in school but the reality of that hit me like ton of bricks. All of a sudden my daily “purpose” shifted.

I first found out I was becoming a mom at the ripe age of 24, I immediately fell into the mommy role and although a lot has changed over the last almost 13 years one thing remains the same I’m the mama and I do all the mama things.

Now I’m not needed as much, have what seems like painful amounts of time on my hands and while I thought this is what I’ve always wanted, turns out it’s kinda not. I wrongly equate a lot of my worth with being busy and making money. Having this time while not simultaneously be drowning in orders has left me feeling all kinds of out of whack.

So in turn I’ve been distant and retreating. I have felt guilty about not just enjoying this amazing life we have been given. I’ve been angry that I can’t feel ease with our peaceful life. I am sad that I don’t allow understanding to myself. Give grace that I’m still healing from a very toxic life environment that made me live a life that if I wasn’t working my ass off we wouldn’t survive.

I can finally breathe and be the woman I was unable to be for so long, but it’s taking time to figure out who that really is. 🖤

If you’re starting a new role or beginning a new chapter I hope you allow the shift to happen and to grow in your newest purpose. You are worthy without a busy schedule or tons of likes. You value is not based on your production or sales. (And yes I’m talking to myself here too! 🥺🥰)