not small to us

Where would I be without my small business?!

No seriously. #truestory

My small business saved my life.
My small business saved our family.

Having income that didn’t change when we had to pick up and leave is pricessless. Having an income not stop when I had a broken face and family is irreplaceable. Having an income support my family when I had nothing left, changes you FOREVER.

My small business supports my families health and wellness allowing us to feel better, sleep better and be better humans plus pays our bills! 🤩

My small business is small but it’s worth and need in our life is HUGE.

Happy Small Business Saturday!
If you have ever supported us in anyway this didnt happen without the support of you!

You keep my small businesses in buinesss and we are beyond so thankful for you!!!

I’m hooking you up EXTRA if you join our oily tribe today to say thank you with a FREE Christmas spirit.

Over the years I’ve frolicked in fresh lavender, planted clary sage, toured the distillery and fell in love with Utah. You can not do that with grocery store oils. You will not support a family by grabbing a diffuser from Amazon. Support local, get out of your head about “direct sales” or MLMs 🙄 It’s 2020 and we all work from our phones. Support the smalls, not the bigs.

Xoxo -CoCo


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