the other side

I was almost murdered by the hands of my once husband on the other side of this door.

When I type that it almost doesn’t seem real. But the flashbacks and memories are still as real as it was that day….. I can picture the blood splattered on the wall and I can hear the screams of my children as they call for me.

I was sure that on the other side of this door was the life we deserved. That it was finally going to be better, happier, safer. For months prior I spent hiding in my closet on my knees praying for answers, for better, for anything to save us. I had downloaded books like “why does he do that” and found many resources online confirming the life I was living was not normal yet….I stayed.

We lost everything we ever knew when we passed through that doorway but it was the catalyst to get us everything I ever could have even dreamed of.

I share because I know someone needs me to. If it were not for other stories shared and other pages and resources that I found in the darkness I am not positive I would have found my way to the light.

Knowing it was possible for others made it seem reachable for me. I knew the life I so desperately wanted to be on the other side of this door was the life we could have…I just needed a little glimpse into how. So I share. Share for the one still in the closet, still on her knees pleading for better, happy, safety. So she knows there is so much on the other side. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤


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