I’m the boss of me.

I thought I knew what my life was going to look like. ⁣
I thought I knew how I was going to feel.⁣

I thought I knew my needs, my dreams…. I thought I knew me.⁣

I thought I could fix anything and I sure as hell didn’t fail.⁣

I knew nothing.⁣

Until I believed we could have a different story.⁣

Until I understood I could rewrite our ending.⁣

Until I believe that I was deserving of more.⁣

When I changed the narrative in my head that leaving is NOT failing.⁣

When I spoke life into myself allowing me to trust true love and allow us to have peace + happiness.⁣

I began to trust again.⁣
I began to heal.⁣

I fell in love with myself and our life.⁣

I took the horrific tragedy that was once our dark life was and turned it into what fairytales are made of. 🌱✨🖤💕👑 #imthebossofme #rewriteyourstory


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