It’s NOT Luck

3 years ago I woke up so excited and listed this super cute It’s Not Luck, It’s Oils Tee in my very new but booming Etsy shop. I sold about 10 or so with promises of delivering in plenty of time for St Patrick’s Day.⁣

I had no idea what was about to happen to me that evening once my children were in bed. Instead of being excited and relaxing after a big day of sales, I was beat up horrifically in my kitchen leaving my neck completely bruised and my soul shattered.⁣

Back then, big sale days were NOT a cause of celebration in my world as it was a race against the clock before my addict (now ex)husband would find his way to the money.

As most business owners understand sales doesn’t equal all profits. You have to order the shirts and vinyl supplies, make the tees and get shipping paid all before you get a dollar. Still knowing this, he would steal it. ⁣

Punk move. Fuck that guy is right.⁣

And I’m sure you’re wondering why or how he could get the money; I’ll explain.

We had ONE checking account that was joint, my Etsy funds would be deposited and he would find his way to the atm or bank and take it. I couldn’t just stop him from using what the bank saw as his account, therefore his money. I hadn’t opened a business account of my own yet as this venture was all fairly new and getting things started for a biz cost money and when someone is hemorrhaging you dry to feed their addiction there is never any left. I had to do the things my family needed before I could do what I needed to do to protect myself and my business.⁣

So frustrating.⁣
So embarrassing. ⁣
So unfair.⁣

What a time. I remember it some days like yesterday…yet some days it feels like a lifetime ago. ⁣

That night he showed me who I was really dealing with. A monster with absolutely no regard for me, my safety or my security. ⁣
That night even with the “last time” to come this was the end.

I got the shirts out btw, if you’re wondering. I harbored the monster for almost 2 more weeks while I made my plan to leave…..I was almost killed on March 12th, 2017 and everyone had their St Patrick’s Tees in time and were none the wiser. ☘️ #notluckitsoils⁣

By May 12 we were launching CoCo Gone Green from Etsy to the World Wide Web thanks to the late great my bff, Bo and our pal Ryan. ⁣

So yes, we have had hiccups, we have had delays and I haven’t made everyone happy. ⁣

But damn. When I see this shirt. I realize what we have accomplished, I have made it!⁣

We frankin’ made it. #fuckthatguy


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