On this day….

3 years ago on this day I posted this as I sat alone in a giant empty house with finger print bruises around my chin & neck and more bruises alll over my body. I was emotionally broken and physically so hurt.

On this day 3 years ago I posted this in a daze to keep “up appearances” and forge forward.

On this day alone to myself I decided I wouldn’t continue a future with someone who could treat me this way. I had emotionally checked out a LONG time ago…. but enough was a enough.

It might have taken 2 more weeks and a split face later to actually get out but we made it.

We have been low and even lower. it’s been hard and then it got harder. But mainly we are better oh so better. 🖤

We are brighter and happier. I see it in the boys eyes, in our bedtime routines, or mornings before school, I see them thriving and living and loving!

But mostly I feel it, I’m able to feel and love my children they way I was made to, Instead of feeling darkness, broken and lonely.

The boys still don’t really grasp all that’s transpired. They saw enough and so we deal with it as we can, at each of their age level.

All I can do is pray that one day they will understand all I’ve been through to make sure they have the life they need and the role models they deserve.

I always tell you how important and amazing it is to support small businesses especially when you don’t realize what those sales and funds can bring to those people.

These 200 sales gave me the confidence to know I can survive and take care of my boys.
It allowed me to know we will be ok. It gave me the push and drive to pack us up and start over and demand better.

&&& as hard as the road has been.
God is SO GOOD!

The additional ✨1600✨ orders in 2017 proved daily my dreams and business to help me and the boys survive were coming true.

I never can thank all who support us enough. You really are the backbone that allowed us our new life!! You are our guardian angels! 🌈🖤✨💦


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