Thank That Girl

If I could go back in time it wouldn’t be to save the girl from the monster. It would be to save the girl from herself. The image and feelings I had towards my body during my life makes me both sad and mad. I refused to wear a bikini or a regular bathing suit withoutContinue reading “Thank That Girl”


Create Change Daily

I went searching for some old videos last night and couldn’t help but notice some major changes in myself. Things I do DAILY 🧘🏻‍♀️Practice positive self talk + mediation. 🏋🏻‍♀️Workout out before 6am 4 times a week Do not drink any alcohol. ❌ Chug loads of 💧 Drink Ningxia Red + Uber Greens Give GRACEContinue reading “Create Change Daily”

Tiger Stripes with a side of Abs

For the last couple months at the gym I’ve skipped the treadmill and made all my weights heavier. 💪🏼 My goal was to build my core and my booty. Running like I had been was burning off too much of what I needed to gain. I was literally running my ass off! 🤣 So IContinue reading “Tiger Stripes with a side of Abs”

Blowing out someone else’s candle will never make yours shine brighter.

I teach my boys that calling someone skinny is the same as calling someone fat. Telling someone to eat a hamburger because you think they aren’t heavy enough is just as wrong as telling someone who is heavier to have a salad. 😒 If we don’t have something nice to say, we don’t say itContinue reading “Blowing out someone else’s candle will never make yours shine brighter.”

I Don’t Wake Up This Way

A woman’s body is one of the most amazing and if you don’t agree its simply because you haven’t seen what it’s truly capable up. I have birthed 3 babies. One of which was over 9 pounds! I’ve been over 200lbs myself and close to it twice. 😳 I don’t wake up this way. #louderforthehaters I amContinue reading “I Don’t Wake Up This Way”

“You will NEVER always be motivated. You must first be disciplined.”

“You will NEVER always be motivated. You must first be disciplined.” -not me Funny I would have never put me and disciplined in the same category. I mean I’m not what you call a rule follower and I def tend to lead rather go with the crowd. However being “different” in my personality gave meContinue reading ““You will NEVER always be motivated. You must first be disciplined.””