Thank That Girl

If I could go back in time it wouldn’t be to save the girl from the monster. It would be to save the girl from herself.

The image and feelings I had towards my body during my life makes me both sad and mad. 
I refused to wear a bikini or a regular bathing suit without clothes until I was a grown up + I have lived in south Florida since I was 10 years old.

When I became a mother and my body completely changed from pregancy + childbirth, I realized the power of woman’s mind and body.

But realization is only half the battle.

It took me years and removing myself from a toxic partner to be able to actual put all I know and wanted into ACTION.

It was never going to matter what the outside looked like if I wasn’t really happy on the inside + Lord knows you can’t get happy on the inside living with things that like you sick and weak. 👏🏼🖤 #frankthatguy

Now I go to bed with a partner who sets my coffee up so I can have a successful workout, reminds me to eat when he knows I get too busy, and is always telling me he loves me with or without abs and that I’m pretty, strong and capable of anything.

So maybe I wouldn’t save the girl, rather thank her; thank her because she put in the work getting us here. 👏🏼👏🏼🖤🖤

Strong + Powerful

How do you measure STRENGTH + POWER?

Guess it depends on what you want to find out.

I am small. Even at my heaviest, I’m not tall and have a small frame. This is my BODY TYPE. 

I am however BIG in personality. I am LOUD, I talk A whole LOT, + am a FORCE to be reckoned with. 
But even this BIG personality was conditioned to believe being small in size = weak, that having only a high school diploma made me stupid + having emotions or needs made me crazy.

I now know these are all lies but just as repeating the behavior to workout consistently or eat right slowly changes and conditions your body to be stronger + healthier, the same happens when we feed or stimulate our body + minds with negative talk and bad behavior.

This can come from toxic people and toxic environments you allow to consistently condition your mind without even realizing it’s happening. 
Abusers learn early + fast how to use their strengths to weaken yours. This is a tactic, this doesn’t have to be a punch or direct insult because it doesn’t take being beat up to have your power be weakened. Chipping away at your worth and strength piece by piece.

Only when you regain the strength and the power from the inside can you create the change towards your healing and growth. 
Only when you believe in your power and strength now matter what the size of you, your bank account or your likes on social media can you be the warrior and master of your story.✨

Be Powerful.
Be Strong.
Be Brave.
Be YOU. 🖤

Create Change Daily

I went searching for some old videos last night and couldn’t help but notice some major changes in myself.

Things I do DAILY
  • 🧘🏻‍♀️Practice positive self talk + mediation.
  • 🏋🏻‍♀️Workout out before 6am 4 times a week
  • Do not drink any alcohol. ❌
  • Chug loads of 💧
  • Drink Ningxia Red + Uber Greens
  • Give GRACE + embrace TRUE Love 💕
  • Eat a LOT of Tacos. 🌮

Tiger Stripes with a side of Abs

For the last couple months at the gym I’ve skipped the treadmill and made all my weights heavier. 💪🏼 My goal was to build my core and my booty. Running like I had been was burning off too much of what I needed to gain. I was literally running my ass off! 🤣

So I changed up a bit of my routine + been pushing myself to try more advanced exercises. I still get nervous of the unknown at the gym so getting more confident there has been amazing. Feeling how strong I’m becoming from the inside out is seriously the best reward. 👏🏻 I have actual abs forming and I could cry! 🥰😍🤗 if the 16 year old me could see me now. You can see how these shorts fit now that I’ve beefed up my booty and legs. #allthesquats

The stretch marks are still there, they are much lighter and my skin is definitely firmer since starting the boswellia wrinkle cream on my stomach daily. But ladies, don’t let the picture fool you, I still very much have saggy skin. If I even start to bend over it crinkles up! 😳🤣 It’s simply part of being a mama bear and I’m totally ok with that.

Blowing out someone else’s candle will never make yours shine brighter.

I teach my boys that calling someone skinny is the same as calling someone fat.

Telling someone to eat a hamburger because you think they aren’t heavy enough is just as wrong as telling someone who is heavier to have a salad. 😒

If we don’t have something nice to say, we don’t say it + we don’t get to have opinions on someone else’s body. 

I also help explain that if opinions are formed as human’s naturally do….not everything you think should be said.

 #ifyoudonthaveanythingnicetosaydontsayanythingatall 👏🏻🙌🏼🖤

I knew as I started back on my fitness journey I would start to get the slack from the side of “you’re too thin” people + “I would be happy with your before pic” people. It’s inevitable really. I try to ignore it only beucase they have no clue what I’ve been through, how hard I work, and only the few who are willing to do what I do, or go where I go will understand.

I just use these times as learning and teaching experiences for me and my boys on what not to do. #raisingmen

“Blowing out someone else’s candle will never make yours shine brighter.” 

The mind is powerful but so is COFFEE

Takes a whole lot of discipline to talk a tired coco out of bed.

Every morning at 415am my need to be the best I can be and my need for more sleep battle each other in my head.

Most mornings I have to jump out of bed when the alarm goes off and start the coffee or the “you worked so hard yesterday, just stay in bed, snoooze for just 15 more minutes” voice gets LOUD and is way harder to tell to stfu.

Once I’m standing up and I smell the coffee it’s time to lace up my sneaks and get myself ready to leave. The mind is a powerful thing, you have the choice to use the power for positive changes and good, always. 👏🏻✨