Thank That Girl

If I could go back in time it wouldn’t be to save the girl from the monster. It would be to save the girl from herself.

The image and feelings I had towards my body during my life makes me both sad and mad. 
I refused to wear a bikini or a regular bathing suit without clothes until I was a grown up + I have lived in south Florida since I was 10 years old.

When I became a mother and my body completely changed from pregancy + childbirth, I realized the power of woman’s mind and body.

But realization is only half the battle.

It took me years and removing myself from a toxic partner to be able to actual put all I know and wanted into ACTION.

It was never going to matter what the outside looked like if I wasn’t really happy on the inside + Lord knows you can’t get happy on the inside living with things that like you sick and weak. 👏🏼🖤 #frankthatguy

Now I go to bed with a partner who sets my coffee up so I can have a successful workout, reminds me to eat when he knows I get too busy, and is always telling me he loves me with or without abs and that I’m pretty, strong and capable of anything.

So maybe I wouldn’t save the girl, rather thank her; thank her because she put in the work getting us here. 👏🏼👏🏼🖤🖤


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