Tiger Stripes with a side of Abs

For the last couple months at the gym I’ve skipped the treadmill and made all my weights heavier. 💪🏼 My goal was to build my core and my booty. Running like I had been was burning off too much of what I needed to gain. I was literally running my ass off! 🤣

So I changed up a bit of my routine + been pushing myself to try more advanced exercises. I still get nervous of the unknown at the gym so getting more confident there has been amazing. Feeling how strong I’m becoming from the inside out is seriously the best reward. 👏🏻 I have actual abs forming and I could cry! 🥰😍🤗 if the 16 year old me could see me now. You can see how these shorts fit now that I’ve beefed up my booty and legs. #allthesquats

The stretch marks are still there, they are much lighter and my skin is definitely firmer since starting the boswellia wrinkle cream on my stomach daily. But ladies, don’t let the picture fool you, I still very much have saggy skin. If I even start to bend over it crinkles up! 😳🤣 It’s simply part of being a mama bear and I’m totally ok with that.


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