Thank You, Baby CoCo

I can put these pictures side-by-side but I can never compare these two women at all. They are not the same person. Not even close.

When I was pregnant with Nolan (age 31) I remember telling some of my closest friends that 33 was officially going to be my year, the year for me. I figured I’d have one year of a newborn + breastfeeding, one more of finding my groove working from home with 3 kids but after that it’s on and I was getting my happy.

I had no idea how profound + true that statement was going to be. During the first years of Nolan’s life I breastfed til 11 months, moved to North Carolina and had our life flipped upside down. We moved back to Florida after leaving my ex for abuse at 33. By 34 we were in our first place with our STUFF and by 35 I was celebrating over a year with my soul mate #keeksncokes and living my BEST life.

This July I turn 36 with a year of living alcohol free under my belt; I’ll be running in my first 5k and jumping in the lavender fields in Utah with my MOM. I’ll come home to a man who fully supports me and my dreams 💯. Kiss on my happy and healthy children, ready to take on the next year fulfilled!

I may not be that girl on the left anymore, not even close. But I thank her. I thank her for being brave, for not giving up and for speaking into the universe that we deserve and demand better and making it happen! 👊🏼🖤✨

what a dark + bumpy dark with so much joy and sunshine at the other end. 🌈✨💫🖤 .


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