Wake daily with GRATITUDE

When I quit drinking I was terrified how I would navigate life without alcohol. Denial and delusion led me to thinking that I somehow could not live without the very thing that was making me the most miserable. 🤯

Think about that for a second. Absolutely astonishing that we would live a life that is killing our minds, bodies, and spirits because we are afraid of how we will go to a event or do life without booze. Our culture sells us the idea that everything is easier, more sparkly, more fun, more relaxing, and more tolerable with alcohol. 

This was not the case for me. + if you’re questioning your relationship with alcohol this is probably not the case for you either. 

Quitting drinking opened my mind, body + soul to heal and grow in ways I never could have imagined. I wake daily with gratitude for the evolution of my whole world. 

If you are struggling through your first days or months, do not just quit drinking, seek truth, healing, and the beautiful evolution of your soul.

You, soul sister, you are capable of creating an amazing and beautiful life! 🖤


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