Numbing Doesn’t Make Anything Go Away.

News Flash. 

Waiting til 5pm to drink is NOT normal + should NOT be acceptable.

Drinking by THE MUG does NOT give character or help be a better mom.


How do I know this? 

  • It stole my light.
  • It made me weak to abuse. 
  • It made me forget what I needed to remember.
  • It made me a sitting target for #fuckthatguy to distort my words, my emotions or my memory. 
  • It made me age and get more wrinkles.
  • It made me grumpy in the morning + foggy all day. 
  • It made me short tempered with my children. 
  • It made me puffy and inflamed my body. 
  • It gave me permission to stay. 😞

Numbing the things gave me excuses that my toxic life was ok, but numbing doesn’t make anything go away.

Only change got us where we are today. Only making clear cut decisions to remove all toxicity allowed for healing + growth. 

The change on the outside is simply amazing but I don’t share for just the physical changes….I want y’all to feel the changes I’ve felt within. 

For the light, love and hope is strong my friends. 🖤✨


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