Mother’s Day Eve

This is my 10th Mother’s Day, 11 if you count being pregnant.

It’s taken me a decade to be happy inside my own skin. A decade of birthing 3 babies, body changes, nursing for years and finding myself as a woman after becoming a mother. 

Part of being at peace is letting go of the expectations of what I thought the perfect family or life looked like. Letting go of false realities of what my body needed to be or do in order to be strong + beautiful. I’ve been committed to building a life that feels genuine and safe while providing happiness + love. I have cut ties, set boundaries and put myself first. I stoped feeding myself excuses and negative talk and as a result I’m becoming the women + mother I was meant to be. 
I treat my body and my soul like I want it to last a lifetime.

I challenge and push myself to compete with the human I was yesterday and not the strangers in my insta feed. I am living in the moment and allow myself to feel forgiveness, grace + love✨🥰🖤💐

I still have a LOT aid work to do, but today I’m proud of the woman and mother I am. I proud of my tiger stripes and scars for this warrior has a tribe of men to raise and I take this very seriously! 🖤


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