I like me alcohol free.

Y’all know I’m a sucker for a side by side. Here’s the last 3 Mother’s Day weekends.


2017 my first Mother’s Day after leaving the abuse. Not my first one “single” by any means + the pain and the darkness is still super real here behind the eyes and smile. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful brunch with a friend and the kids. It really felt like good change, I felt strong, safe. But I still hung to alcohol like a safety net, it’s hardly noon here and I’m sipping on a Moscow mule. 🙄🙄


2018 We celebrated our first Mother’s Day with Keeks in our new home. I am truly happy here, you can see the changes in my eyes + my smile but I was still harboring sooo much agony, losing Bo just a month prior I had really started to heavily drink again. It took me a couple more months of denial and sinking into the bottle to realize I needed to let go of alcohol.


2019: almost 300 days without booze, sitting with my girls after our whole meal, eyes opened and crystal clear, bright skin, sober mind. Typically by this time of a girls night I’d have VoCo eyes. 🙄 a nickname I proudly took on which meant drunk me. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I love my girls dinners, being with my friends feeds my soul. Before kids I probably spent 80% of my time out and “partying”. For so long I assumed I was a good time only with alcohol. Insecurities flood your mind and alcohol turns off that part of your brain, so you’re not cooler or funnier….you just don’t care.

The first few nights out “sober” with my girls proved my wit, personality + story telling doesn’t come from VoCo. It comes from me. + I really like me alcohol free. 🤗🥰


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