I’ll Be Happy When…

I used to do oil classes and work out of a closet. Not a big fancy closet that’s really a room. A narrow wooden dark place that doubled as both work + sanctuary. 

I remember when my “Oil Office” was the only place that felt safe, that felt mine. I remember thinking if I just get to GOLD our life will change. I so badly thought if I just achieved certain things, if I looked a certain way, it would change things, change him. Sad really. 

But we do this all the time as humans. 

I’ll be happy when… I’ll be successful when… I’ll be satisfied when…. We put our happiness, success and satisfaction with life in the hands of events out of our control, work + people who don’t have our best interest in mind + expectations of life that doesn’t exist outside of an Instagram feed.

We wait for these things to happen. We wait for outside things to provide a feeling that we could achieve ourselves, if we just didn’t compromise to things that caused us pain or stole our joy. If we lived in the moment instead of the “when”.

Surrounding yourself with work, people and energy that provide safety, encouragement + love is the only way to flourish + find true happiness.

The rest that follows is just a bonus. ✨🖤


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