“You will NEVER always be motivated. You must first be disciplined.”

“You will NEVER always be motivated. You must first be disciplined.”

-not me

Funny I would have never put me and disciplined in the same category. I mean I’m not what you call a rule follower and I def tend to lead rather go with the crowd. However being “different” in my personality gave me tons of insecurities.

Unsure why I didn’t see the common trend that when I find something I like and I am good at, it’s natural and almost a need to give it absolutely all I got.

You might see 5am on a Saturday at the gym as crazy. Yet when I think back to how many mornings I spent hovering a toilet at 5am in my life with a hangover I find wayyy more CRAZY!!!! 😪🤦🏻‍♀️

See my drinking was no different than everything else I find I’m good at, I do it and I did it well. I was the best at drinking! 👏🏻😐😐

Unfortunately being the best at drinking makes you pretty much the worst at everything else. #truestrory so in order to live my absolute best life and be the absolute best I can be it was a no brainer to go alcohol free.

Now I’m the best at being sober and that’s kinda the most amazing thing I could have ever done for myself, well next to leaving FTG. 🙌🏼🖤✨

Besides becoming a Mom, my top 3 life changing things
  • 💧Oils 
  • Leaving FTG 🖕🏼
  • My sobriety. ✨🖤

all of which I control and can be the best at. ✨🖤 


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