Strong + Powerful

How do you measure STRENGTH + POWER?

Guess it depends on what you want to find out.

I am small. Even at my heaviest, I’m not tall and have a small frame. This is my BODY TYPE. 

I am however BIG in personality. I am LOUD, I talk A whole LOT, + am a FORCE to be reckoned with. 
But even this BIG personality was conditioned to believe being small in size = weak, that having only a high school diploma made me stupid + having emotions or needs made me crazy.

I now know these are all lies but just as repeating the behavior to workout consistently or eat right slowly changes and conditions your body to be stronger + healthier, the same happens when we feed or stimulate our body + minds with negative talk and bad behavior.

This can come from toxic people and toxic environments you allow to consistently condition your mind without even realizing it’s happening. 
Abusers learn early + fast how to use their strengths to weaken yours. This is a tactic, this doesn’t have to be a punch or direct insult because it doesn’t take being beat up to have your power be weakened. Chipping away at your worth and strength piece by piece.

Only when you regain the strength and the power from the inside can you create the change towards your healing and growth. 
Only when you believe in your power and strength now matter what the size of you, your bank account or your likes on social media can you be the warrior and master of your story.✨

Be Powerful.
Be Strong.
Be Brave.
Be YOU. 🖤


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