The Tale of the Warrior Scar Serum

From one of the worst experiences of my life The Warrior Scar Serum was born.

Once upon a time I sat alone in shock with a split open face, concussion, my aroma complete kit full of oils + my Essential Oils Desk Reference.

Every oil it listed for skin healing and scars if I had it, I grabbed it and started mixing.

They couldn’t stitch my head when I finally saw a doctor, it had been too long, but the healing of my face from the oils was quite incredible in just a few days. 

This story sucks, that time sucked. I’ll never forget how lonely I felt that night with that book and those oils. But I’ll tell you this. What has happened since and how alive and supported I feel now it’s really unreal. I don’t joke when I say oils saved us.

They did on so many levels.

We are forever changed for the better. I’ll never stop sharing our story. 🖤

Warrior Serum Recipe

Roman Chamomile

Fill rest with equal parts
Vitamin E

In a 1oz dropper I use 15 drops each of essential oil.

Start with what you have. Some of these are costly and also go out of stock. You can’t go wrong with even just 2 or 3 of what’s listed!! 😍✨

Heavy hitter if you want to invest in one that you don’t have is the the Helichrysum. 🖤


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