Put a little Neosporin on it.

Sooo after my ex almost killed me smashing his head to mine repeatedly he told me to put a “little Neosporin on it”.

Like that actually happened. Minutes after seeing me bloody and broken that was his response.
Not medical attention or any type of remorse.
Nope. NEOSPORIN. 🤦🏻‍♀️ like first of all DUDE
Gross. 🤢 We don’t use that ish. ❌

Secondly. A doctor. 
I need a medical doctor read also stitches!!! 🙄🙄 I had a concussion and a split open face. I was so confused on what heck I was to do, my children were more confused than me and terrified!!!! I just felt if I went to the hospital they would take my kids.

I know sounds crazy, but I didn’t have anyone nearby I could call. I didn’t seek medical attention in fear of them being taken from me while I’m states away from anyone we could trust or could help us. 
He went off to work. Yes. Work. 

Within 48 hours we had packed and left but that’s only the beginning of his promises to fix my face and get me “plastic surgery” 🤔

Ha. I laugh when I think about how many emails said he would pay for my plastic surgery. 😒🤣 They say you cant get fixed by what broke you. + no doubt that’s true. 
thanks to the warrior scar serum I never once had to consider help from my attacker for my healing.

Here is some more info and what I use for my scar healing.  
Warrior Scar Serum. ✨👏🏼🌈

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