75 Days

Today is a BIG day!!

75 days sober. 🎉✨🖤

20 days after my 35th birthday I had to say goodbye to my relationship with alcohol. It was a long time coming but now it is so beautifully and perfectly woven into my story.

You see almost 10 years ago when I became a Mommy I slowly and with out much notice used alcohol to hide away from the life that I truly believed was my ever after… only it lacked the happily. 😔

As the boys + I began our new life to find our healthy happy it became clear to me I didn’t need alcohol like I did in the past to survive.

I WAS happy now. Sure I have bad days. Real bad days since losing Bo especially.

But using those coping mechanisms through the highs and lows of life aren’t working for me + is completely unhealthy.

I felt like such a phony to claim health and wellness and down all the wine. I don’t have the off switch like some for alcohol.

I was never and could never be the 1 drink and be done person. + since I used alcohol for most things that habit I created no longer fits into my life.

I feel so amazing since making this decision. Like there has not be one day I’m not thankful for so many things that have come with this new journey! I am beyond proud of myself and now to see what I am truly capable of really puts our future in a whole new perspective! So many amazing things to come. 🖤🎉🌈✨ 


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