Magical Grey Hairs

t’s funny. I would pluck these a lot more after we left.

My “magical” white patch of grey hairs. I noticed them the day we left….I was checking the giant bruise and cleaning off dried blood. 😞

They say there is no scientific proof that head trauma can cause your hair to change color but I don’t need a scientist to know that a section of my skull that never had a grey now had about 5 white ones exactly where part of my head was smashed in.😒😒

These hairs are a reminder of our old toxic life and how far we have come.

Maybe one day I’ll dye them but in the meantime Ill wear them as a badge of how freaking strong I am. If you’ve heard me talk about that day and the first incident 2 weeks before…I often say how shocked I was I didn’t fight back.

Like I went into the flight part when I figured I’d be all fight.

But you see that’s part of what saved me. I might not of fought on the outside. But the strength on the inside is what got us through and will always be what keeps us safe, happy + healthy. 


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