Choice or Created for Survival?

It’s very interesting the change that takes place when you are around a person that fiercely loves you and wants you happy.

When your home is no longer a battle ground or war zone but rather a retreat and safe haven, what happens inside, is simply amazing.

the peace + ease you feel…. #nowords ☺️😍

You’re able to take the sweetest touch, a kind tone and small gesture and appreciate it completely and not for one second take any of it for granted.

Sometimes I get sad for the years that seemed so wasted, the ones I didn’t even know how bad it was.

When I was still trying to ignore and numb what was clear as day.

It’s sad sometimes thinking of the time soo very sad + alone.

But it’s also so freeing. It’s so liberating to know I will never feel that “nothing” again.

I can’t apologize to the old me for just trying to survive but I thank her for being so strong and brave to get us safely and happy here. ✨🖤✨🖤


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