Get Your Boy, I’ll Handle Mine.

This morning I woke for the gym with a message being told by FTG’s aunt that I shouldn’t share + post like I do to protect my boys.

The irony is thick with this one. 🙃🙃

SPOILER: they wont need my Instagram to form an opinion of their father, he is doing his own job showing them IRL.

I won’t be silenced or guilted. I am 100% putting my children first, that’s been for always. I’ll be damned if I won’t post for the women and the kids still stuck. Nope. This is for them.

I won’t be quiet because reading what I wrote (aka lived 😞) makes you uncomfortable. Do you think my mother or father like hearing or reading how awful things were? NO! But they forgive themselves for not knowing or understanding.

We are building a life of PEACE, TRUTH, HAPPINESS and LOVE. We are NOT hiding or lying to save face. We aren’t pretending people or times of our lives don’t exists.

Get your boy and I’ll handle mine. kthanks.  #blessandrelease#yougotmetwisted#fuckthatguy#ftg#ifyouonlyknew

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