If You Only Knew.

Imagine a place that no matter how pretty or perfect you made it you still couldn’t feel happy or safe.

Imagine a place no matter the colors or organization it was always dark + chaotic.

Living a nightmare. 

Imagine your sanctuary as the devils playground. Sadness when there should be joy and fear when there should be love.

Now imagine breaking free. 

Taking only what matters and beginning again.

Starting fresh, letting in light, making amends; trusting your gut to push you through the transitions and allowing so much beautiful change.

Even when it doesn’t feel real, or like you didn’t deserve it. You can manifest and create the life you want and so desperately need but you must begin in the direction of change.

You must trust that you were absolutely made for more happiness, love and light. You must be willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable + never freaking give up.

If you could see behind so many of the scenes. Before I was sharing our story…you would see the wheels of change I was forced to make slowly and without notice; I was building my raft to freedom + change alone but we made it.

Be careful how you judge those in their winning season, you have no idea what they lost in their losing season.


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