a little bit of sunshine & a whole lot of love

It’s amazing what a little bit a sunshine + whole lotta love will do for a girl. 😌🖤✨✨✨⁣

Today 3 years ago we got the keys to a beautiful bright home with hope that yet another game of make believe will finally make life ok. ⁣

Less than 45 days later my dad and brother were helping us load up what we could grab (I think it was 6 diffusers and zero socks if you’ve heard the story 😉). ⁣

With my broken face + even more broken spirit, I packed up my terrified + confused children and we left.⁣

I don’t think I’ve even been more unhappy then when we were in North Carolina, I blamed the weather, I blamed the state but now we know.⁣

All that known, I absolutely wouldn’t change it if I had the chance.⁣

Every single drop of blood, sweat and tears brought us to where we are today. + I could not be more thankful + grateful that we are beyond happy, safe + loved. 🖤✨✨✨


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