Oh Kiki

Keeks been sick + working for the last 2 days yet, he came home with flowers and my favorite chocolate for me, to stay thanks for taking care of him. I’m not surprised the elderberry and oils worked but I’ll never stop being in awe and wonder of this mans love and the way he shows me.

This morning, I woke to a big withdrawal/transaction I wasn’t expecting pretty much emptying an account I’m trying to save money in.

Basically I woke to money missing that I wasn’t expecting and all of a sudden I was that scared woman hiding her wallet at night from her addict husband wondering how we will pay bills.😔 It’s a feeling that flashes back and that feels so real it takes over me and my emotions.

Y’all. When I’m like this it’s not pretty. I fully expected him to rush off to work just to avoid my meltdown but he stayed. He brought me coffee, he put on my favorite show to distract me and he showed me kindness, grace and love.

Like always him simply being there reminded me that I am safe. I am ok. I can handle this and anything life throws my way and he’s always going to protect me. 🖤🌱 #ohkiki #keeksncokes


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