living like a fraud

@recoveryisthenewblack_ 🎤 a little louder for the ones in the back. (but not too loud because I know you’re probs hungover 😵) This was a HUGE moment for me deciding to quit alcohol. How can I be healthy AND consume alcohol the way I did?

It’s an addicting substance that is no way good for your mental or physical state. It pushed my dark days deeper and made the mom guilt feel heavier. It kept me captive to abuse.

Celebrations and excuses aside.
Alcohol is TOXIC. 💯 +++ I felt like a fraud.

To be soooo “healthy” in all these aspects of my life during then to drink poison at night. You don’t have to be a daily drinker to have a problem. If its limiting your life perhaps it’s time to try life without it.

Vegan, Paleo or Keto is hardly a feat if you rosé all day or need booze to go to kids events or do yoga. 🖤🖤


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