three hundred sixty five

All that time in the gym and not once did I practice for this jump.

Something I wanted SO BAD and couldn’t wait to do, I didn’t plan out one bit. 🤔

Kinda like I do most things. Wing that shit. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I go full force into something. I stumble + I fall but ultimately I fail my way to a WIN.

One might say I like to learn things the hard way. Mainly I just do it my own way. 😬

My journey to quit alcohol hasn’t been much different. My only goal was to go to bed without having a drink and repeat the next day. I didn’t want to give myself rules or follow someone’s way. I didn’t want to label myself or make myself do a certain amount of meetings or steps.

It’s the same way I have success in the gym. Just go. Forget about leg day, arm day or how much ab work you did the day before. Just get there and move your body, the rest will fall into to place.

I can’t drink alcohol like most so to fully feel this new and beautiful life I’ve been GIFTed I choose to be present with a clear mind and soul.

I will keep choosing that today + repeat tomorrow. 🥰👏🏼🌱💦🙌🏼



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