August Promos

Snag this guy for free with just a 100 PV Essential Rewards order. Soak in the last drops of summer with the sweet minty scent of Citrus Fresh. Pair with Joy essential oil if you’re feeling blue about the seasons changing.
 Getting enough Vitamin C? Probably not. Support your immune system with these yummy chewables. These are flavored with 🍊orange essential oil so your kiddos will love them, too!

ER Exclusive with 190PV Back to School comes with ups and downs in the tummy department. Pop a top on this prediluted roller and give your kids the perfect support.

Tis the season for all things Thieves. This prediluted roll-on is perfect for daily use on yourself and the kiddos as they get ready for back to school. When you hit 250 PV you’ll get this FREE!

No matter where you find yourself, take the power of Thieves with you. This small bottle is perfect for on the go. It is a back to school must  have for all!  

What kid would not love to have one of these guys attached to their backpack, right? When you place a 300 PV order this month, you get a full set + the hand purifier.


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