You can not heal in the place that made you sick.

Everyday since saying no to alcohol, I’ve learned things about myself that I had been hiding away out of fear, anxiety, and past trauma.

When you aren’t able to be your true self even in your own home this puts a darkness and negative energy on who you are.

It makes you doubt, have guilt, resentment and get angry.

You can not heal in the place that made you sick


As I slowly allowed things I was hiding with booze to emerge, I wasn’t greeted with insults or scare tactics. I wasn’t told I was too sensitive or crazy.

I was met with kindness + hugs. Forehead kisses and whispers of it’s going to be ok. I was told I was enough and how loved I was. 🖤 #ohkiki

Some days it didn’t make any sense to me. When you’re treated one way for so long you start to second guess things. 

You start to wait for things to go wrong. 
When will he be mean to me? When will he hurt me? 
But the truth that shows up daily is that he’s NEVER going to be mean to me. He’s never going to hurt me.

+ in my most weak and vulnerable he will only help and protect me.

We are not perfect. Lord knows we will make mistakes. But we are in this for each others happiness and love without fear, without anxiety, without anger + regret. 

Everyday I fall more in love with this man as he continues to show me over and over I am safe, loved and enough. #keeksncokes


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