Growing + Evolving

Closing chapters and doors for me has never been easy. 
I always get a tug at me like I’m failing or quitting, but that’s not the case. 
I’m growing and evolving.

When every dollar helps you survive; saying no doesn’t exists. 
You want me to make that? Yes! 
You want to buy 2726 of that? Yes! 
A new design on every single item? Yes!

Now I am choosing to say no.

Not because I don’t want to share or make my items. 
Simply I’ve outgrown this part of my business and the “need” to survive isn’t life or death anymore.

It’s not say yes or we don’t eat.
It’s not say yes or we can’t pay that bill.
It’s not say yes so we don’t lose our car (again). It’s saying no, so you can help that girl who needs you.

It’s saying no, so you can help your new members navagiate ER and learn about their oils.

It’s saying no, so you can do things that bring life + joy and not just a Cha Ching. 💰

I can finally say NO without fear of what I will lose.

That power is something I will not allow my inner doubt to mask + call failing or quitting.

I did not fail. 
I did not quit.

I have evolved. 
I have grown.

I have just begun.


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