Healing from within.

A little over 2 years ago I left my abusive husband after he nearly killed me in front of our 3 boys.

During the demise of our marriage, years of living a life with him that was horrible to endure I dove very heavily into drinking to cope.

Help me sleep, numb the loneliness and to straight up deal with his bullshit. I was forever rewarding myself for dealing with him or drinking him away.

It took me over a year after leaving to realize alcohol wouldn’t save or heal me from our past or our trauma. If only it was holding me captive.

Over 18 months ago I literally met the love of my life. He is not a drinker (by choice his mother struggled growing up so he chose not to drink) I was drinking when we first got together + I thought for sure that it would be a detriment to our new relationship.

However this wasn’t the case. It didn’t make my relationship worse, or cause us issues rather kept me from feeling and experience all the new and wonderful that was happening.

Slowly I realized that my drinking was keeping me from being fully present and being able to truly live my best life.

I am happy.

I am safe.


there was no reason for me to continue drinking anymore to cope

if anything it was keeping me back.

Almost 9 months free of alcohol and the changes still blow me away.

My eyes are actually brighter. What went brown and cold turned back Hazel with light behind it.

I simply can’t be grateful enough for the strength each day to not drink.

It’s been hard but everyday proves over and over to be worth it!


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