That Warrior Sag

When your belly has held 8-9 lb babies + gained 40-60 lbs 3 different times your skin is kinda like fuck off. 😫😫😫 I have been busting it in the gym + my stomach is the strongest it’s ever been…. yet the skin remains. #annoying 

I am remaining positive and focusing on how damn strong I am and how despite my stretch marks and skin I’m a warrior and these are just another battle scar of life. I can embrace my imperfections while also trying to tighten them up right?! 🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤗

I can’t help but try oils 🙏🏼

I will be mixing up a new and improved saggy skin mix featuring the boswellia wrinkle cream. Stay tuned for results! 😅🤗🖤✨


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