Fukuna MatataGuy!

Testing. Testing. 2019. 🗣

If I haven’t been tossed and thrown through the emotional ringer the last couple weeks.
Ouch. 🤕🤯😤 Nothing is harder than dealing with the tough shit while simultaneously being tough for the little humans around me.

One day they will know ALL there is to know but today is not that day. Today we laugh after school, have pizza and maybe some ice cream, take our family walk and go to bed safe, smiling and thanking God we have each other.

My emotional growth and healing continues to be tested but I will not allow the past to harm our future no matter how much these events knock me down and take my focus. I will keep getting up and fighting for our toxic free life.

Our happy healthy happy.

Fukuna MatataGuy! ✌🏼


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