250 Days

Two Hundred + Fifty Days + a Lifetime to Go. ✨✨ #soberaf

So much freaking YES. 💪🏼🖤 I literally wake up sooo thankful for this life I get to live. Sounds so cliche. I know but it’s really not. When you have been beyond low you can fully understand so much more the highs.

You don’t take things you for granted especially things you never got to have before.

You can make the most out of even the struggles because you know it is all temporary + have been through worse. So much worse.

When I think about how far we have come it feels like forever ago yet also so much like just yesterday. In a blink of an eye your whole world can change + I’m not taking one chance missing out on the best even if it means feeling stress. 🙌🏼🖤👏🏻 .


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