My Body, My Journey

before anyone rolls their eyes at the before picture, let me remind you…

this is my body and journey.

I didn’t start at the gym 5 months ago to lose weight.

Years ago I made loads of changes to the way I eat, this has impacted my ability to lose the weight after each pregnancy. Losing weight doesn’t mean fit however.

I work from home, I’m there 24/7 and although the scale might have said a number most would think as #goals

 I know my body and the strength it’s capable of. I was ready to test my abilities physically while helping myself clear my mind and have sometime out of the house. I needed something outside work + kids.

It’s amazing how much energy you have to get up for the gym at 5am when you’re not hungover. 😬

now listen. It wasn’t barfing with hangovers everyday or anything, but it was absolutely mind blowing to me even the impact of one or two glasses of wine would have on my morning and daily routine.

Creating a new habit of showing up to the gym 4 days a week has helped me push my limits, clear my mind and remind myself how strong my body is. I love seeing it change and I love pushing myself to get up everyday, it’s sucks when the alarm goes off but once I’m there and the music is blaring. It’s on!! 🙌🏼✨🖤

I’m a better mom when I’m taking care of myself. I’m a better girlfriend when I’m a better mom and I work like a boss when I feel the people I love needs are being met. I don’t need more motivation than that. ✨😍🖤


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