my story to share

Yesterday I was told that my story was mine and not someone else’s when I was offering advice against what was clearly emotionally abuse. When red flags and cries for help were clear as day from a woman who in her own words is controlled by her husband I will speak up to help and bring hope.
I’m so very tired of people using religion, a biblical stand by your man attitude in helping victims shift blame off their abuser.

I see the red flags now + I can also understand why the excuses are made to stay, but I will not be silenced in sharing our story.
Because yes. My story is mine and mine alone; but if it helps just one other women to freedom than I will speak my truth, they can take or leave the guidance I give. My story could be the small seed planted to help them regain their power back and for that I’ll never stop sharing. 🖤🌈✨

It is domestic violence awareness month, I plan to do extra sharing, so if this bothers you you probably know how to unfollow. 🤗


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