missing my hype man

Months I worked in that empty house. 
Scared as hell and wayyy in over my head.

What the hell would I have done without his voice and support?!? Not have gotten these 100s of orders out + probably have to shut down the store. 
He even had his doubts there for a minute and didn’t once let me know, til I got everything done… he was like “damn, didn’t think you’d pull all that off to be honest.” 🤣🤣

He saw things and believed in me in a way that made me believe in myself. And once we got going there was no stopping us!

Bo, as I send off another batch of multiple orders through my printer that never touch these hands I thank you again like I do every damn day. For believing in me until I believed in myself. 

Imagine someone who loves you so much, they teach you to love yourself. That was my hype man, my BoBo. 🖤🖤🖤 #wehavepizzatomake


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