Self Care Like a Boss

This time last year I got my itovi!!!

I was so excited to scan all the humans. Still am. 🤗

The girl on the left by no means needed to lose any weight or change her body. She really just needed some work on the INSIDE.

Over the last year I’ve busted my butt to heal my mind, body and soul after many many years of “taking one for the team” mentally + physically.

It’s amazing what happens to all aspects of your life when you start taking care of yourself. #selfcare

I’m not talking bubble baths and glasses of wine. That’s not self care where I’m from. At least not anymore. 😌 #SoberAF

Real self care is doing the work. Healing from the inside out. ✨✨

Taking accountability and control of your life and destiny by not playing victim to circumstance or problems that arise. Finding action steps to get yourself out of anything that does not bring your life happiness and peace. #blessandrelease

Taking the time to be grateful for all the things and try to be a better human each day.

Loving on your people and yourself. #graceupongrace

Saying NO when you know it’s not for you.

Saying NO when you see an injustice to those around you. #notjustyoutoo

Influence the world to be light, love and peace + you will receive it back. #lawofattraction


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