Slice Slice, Baby

A few months before Bo passed away him and I were on the phone while I was in Target. 

I had found all the new GOLD + BLACK Office decor (which matches my Oil Office PERFECT) + was in mid obsessed mode going on about a gold unicorn and a black and white globe and how much I needed it!! Bo in perfect Bo fashion made fun of my need for these items and swiftly brought my single mama ass back to reality as they weren’t a need let alone in my budget, I obliged and continued on. Later texting him a picture of my (favorite) slice slice baby 🍕 tank saying I didn’t care what he said I was getting this it was only $5! He text back saying I better have bought the tank. 😁We have a thing with pizza… a story for another day 🤣

Cut to last week when the last of the Gold + Black Office items went on clearance. It broke my heart. I cried In the middle of target. I was in tears the days before Christmas because I just knew my trip down that aisle will never be the same. Every single time I walk down there I remember that conversation and how much he grounded me, helped me + would make me laugh every single day. Seeing those items leave made me feel like I would forget. I would forget that conversation, that feeling, all of it. 😔 I don’t want to forget. 

Yesterday I opened the BEST present. My mom got me my gold unicorn!! 😭

I cried, I laughed. I remembered. She still agrees I don’t need the black and white globe 🙄🙄 but knew this would make me so happy.

this unicorn represents so much and I will treasure it forever. 🖤


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