Sweet 23

This is my FAVORITE picture of us. 
One of the only ones I really have but still my favorite. 
You made this day the most special ever. 

My 23rd birthday. 

I can still hear you sing “sweet 23“ 🎶 in that MTV show’s theme song. 🤣 

It was pink + black themed and you had it perfect. There was COR in giant pink glitter letters with a memory book.

We had pink + black sushi people!!! Pink + Black sushi!! 🍣🖤

Towards the end we realized we had no cake and before I could even care Bo comes out with this, a candy bar with a candle. #perfection. He always knew how to calm + make happy my heart. 😌

I couldn’t be happier to see his page back up!!!!!!

Crying happy tears! 😭😭😭😭

Bo, you are missed every single freaking day! I know you are so proud of everything but gosh darn it you should be here. 😔

I miss you more than I ever could express and love you more than I ever understood. 🖤✨ 

Happy Birthday to my very best friend. 
Dancing with you today, Let’s celebrate! ✨🤗🎊


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